Planning and delivery for medium sized software projects

I intend to put together a series of posts over the next few weeks on my learnings and views on delivering software. I will be using concepts mostly pillaged from others at the various places I’ve been working over the last few years who are or claim to be ‘agile working environments’ as well as from things read online (sources I’m very unlikely to remember, so please excuse me).

This will largely be advice garnered from and intended for practical application – there are many tomes dedicated to theoretical agile delivery, but this should act as a good beginner’s guide and provide templates that can been lifted onto your own software challenges.

By ‘software’, I mean any form of incrementally deliverable product. I will be predominately concerned with Web apps, but with practices that could as easily be used for mobile apps, installable computer programs (providing you have functionality to update them) and games.

At Ding Digital we’re in the process of creating a talent management application called Talentomic. I will pepper this guide with working examples from this work to provide context which I will also be able to show in the various stages of its delivery.

The first section is all about The Team and can be found by going to the next post.

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